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Top 10 Highest Paying Oil Jobs for Graduates


Undergrads and late alumni positioned a positive workplace in a vitality firm imperceptibly higher than having a serious pay, as per Rigzone’s debut Ideal Employer Survey.

Thusly, Rigzone has chosen to plot a couple of the top paying oil employments for laborers at the alumni level.

The accompanying figures were taken from the debut Global Energy Talent Index report, built via Airswift and Energy Jobline, which offers a scope of market insight for the vitality business.

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  1.  Project Manager: Graduates that figure out how to make sure about a situation as an undertaking chief can hope to acquire $30,004 every year, which is nearly $7,000 more than the most minimal paying alumni work in the business (welder).
  2. Finance Manager: At the alumni level, one can hope to gain $30,005.
  3. Construction Engineer: At the alumni level, one can gain $30,330. This looks at to a compensation of $64,230 at senior level, $84,358 at chief level and $122,320 at executive level.
  4. Electrical Engineer: Low experience electrical architects can make $31,138 – just about a stupendous more than development engineers.
  5. Construction Manager: At the alumni level, one can procure generally $32,300, which is essentially higher than engineers in a similar section.
  6. HSE Manager: One can hope to acquire $33,325 every year when beginning. This figure is generally a large portion of the sum a HSE director acquires at senior level.
  7. Geophysicist: At the alumni level, one can make $34,340. In any case, compensation is topped around $108,870 at the chief level.
  8. Reservoir Engineer: Professionals at the alumni level can hope to gain $37,450.
  9. Drilling Engineer: Graduate boring designers are the sprinters up on this rundown, banking a decent $44,800.
  10. Drilling Supervisor: The top gaining position at graduate level is the penetrating manager. Individuals in this position can hope to make $47,560 every year, with senior level profit are at $86,560 and chief make $130,128.
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