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Krabi, The Outstanding Tourists Centre – Five Unique Reasons Why You Should Visit Krabi


Everyone needs a vacation at some point in their life. Whether it’s a budget trip, a backpacking trip or even a luxurious, and extravagant vacation, we all need it. But planning a vacation is not an easy task either. There are so many aspects to deal with during the research period, such as budget, duration.
Krabi, Thailand (Krabi Tourists Centre)
Krabi is located in the southern part of Thailand and is known as a beautiful seaside destination. It is surrounded by the crystal clear the Andaman Sea where there are many limestone rocks in Krabi. Usually, people visit Krabi for a quiet and peaceful beach vacation. But why Krabi from so many other seaside destinations? That’s why.

1. Suitable for both family and friends
Krabi is one of the most flexible places to go, as the activities available cater to the needs of adults and families with young children. There are many activities suitable for young and old.
If you are travelling with young children, you can take them on educational trips, such as hiking trails and discover Mother Nature. Because children are generally curious, they will also be delighted to explore the many hidden caves of Krabi – just like an animated film, so that they can certainly relate to the activity. Do not be afraid if you want to take a quality walk with your other half, because most of the stations in Krabi offer daycare services! This is how Krabi is suitable for children!
It gets even better when you are in Krabi (Krabi Tourists Centre ) with your friends, as there are so many activities that keep you in shape from sunset to sunrise. There’s live filming at Ao Nang – a must! They have a variety of weapons, ranging from a semi-car. 22 to a. 357 Magnum. You can also take a refreshing dip in Emerald Pool, a crystal clear natural pool. At night there are several bars, such as Viewpoint Bar (Railay Beach), where you can enjoy a drink while watching their live-fire shows performed by locals.

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2. Many hidden gems
“There is more than you see” is probably the right phrase to describe Krabi, as it is home to beautiful gems that are hidden in idyllic places. Take a canoe trip to Bo Tho, with many lagoons and caves. You will be amazed by the number of uncontaminated caves that welcome you and the beautiful mangroves that hide vast calm water beyond.

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3. Great food
Eat delicious food! Thailand is known for offering a variety of delicious and exotic dishes – all at a very low price, especially if you are from the western part of the world. Many tourists visit Thailand with only one motivator: cheap and good food and Krabi has a weekend night market that offers just that.
They have many stalls selling all kinds of snacks, such as fried ice cream, fried pineapple topped with chocolate or maple syrup, delicious pancakes and much more! If you are adventurous, be sure to try their fried crickets, grasshoppers and maggots!

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4. Fantastic beach
What would be the other reasons for you to visit Krabi if not for its beautiful beaches and its breathtaking sea? Krabi offers many exciting water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, snorkelling and of course diving. The Andaman Sea is home to much exotic fish and colourful and rich coral reefs that humans have not touched. The sea is crystal clear and very clean, despite the number of tourists who visit each day. Also, you can watch the beautiful sunset in Krabi on the beach or at the beach bars with your loved ones

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5. Fairly cheap
Because the Thai Baht is not very expensive, you have the privilege of stretching your dollar in Krabi. Things that used to be expensive in your hometown may no longer be expensive when you arrive. Suddenly, taking taxis everywhere and drinking a cup of cappuccino in your favourite coffee every day didn’t leave a hole in your pocket.