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How To Apply For France Visa In Simple Steps


Do you wish to visit the home country of Napoleon himself? You need to apply for a France visa to make your dream a reality. However, citizens of other European countries and EEA don’t need a visa to travel to France. This article is for you if you belong to the category that requires a visa to travel to France. 

The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to apply for France visa in simple steps. So, if you are not sure about the visa application to travel to France, we have got you covered. There are different types of France visas, depending on the purpose of your travel. Whether you are traveling to France for tourism, to study, to work, etc., you will apply for a different France visa. 

Do You Need A France Visa To Travel To France?

It is not every foreigner, nor does every territory of France apply the same visa policy. Visa exemptions are dependent on your nationality and the territory of France that you seek to visit. It also depends on your residence status in the Schengen Area or France, your purpose of visiting, or the duration of your stay. 

Standard Requirements For Applying For France Visa

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It doesn’t matter the type of visa you want to apply for or your purpose of traveling to France. Here are the general requirements on how to apply for a France visa.  

  • Set up a visa appointment with the French Diplomatic office 

This appointment will be held in the French Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. The first thing you need to do is reserve an appointment before visiting the diplomatic office for your visa. There are different documents that you will be required to submit upon your arrival. You must arrive at the foreign office at least15 minutes earlier to your appointment time. 

You accompany a child that is below 18 years or people with health challenges for this visa appointment. If you fail to meet up with the time you have scheduled, you can only reschedule after 24 hours. 

  • Submit a duly filled France visa application form
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You can download the France Schengen visa application form online and fill it in the printed version. On the other hand, you can complete the form online and print it after that. In whichever state you filled the document, it must be duly signed by you before it can be considered authentic. If the applicant is below the age of 18, the parent or guardian is the authorized person to sign the application form. 

  • You will need two recently made passport photographs. 

Your passport photographs must be identical, with a maximum of six of 35×45mm. The photo must be in color and not black and white. Your head should cover about 70-80% of the photograph with a brightly colored background. You must be looking straight at the camera with a neutral facial expression. Try to avoid uniforms or colors matching the background of your photo. 

  • You must have a valid passport.

Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your return date and should have at least two blank pages. 

  • Visa application fees
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You will have to pay for the administrative cost of processing your visa application. Note that this amount is non-refundable, even if your visa is denied. Although the visa fees vary from country to country, it may not be above €30 per visa application. 

What You Can Expect Upon Your Arrival In France

Upon your entry into France, the border control official at the arrival point in France may demand your proof of sufficient funds, travel insurance, or accommodation reservations. You may be denied entry into France if you fail to provide these documents. Therefore, you need to keep these documents on you while traveling into France. 


You have seen the guide on how to apply for a France visa. The most important thing is to follow these guidelines as you seek to travel to France. No matter what, avoid trying to make your travel through dubious means as it might land you in jail. For your thoughts and contributions, kindly use the comment box provided below. 


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