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Bangladesh Travel Guide – Ten Things to Do  on your next Visit Bangladesh


Rich culture, beautiful scenery, and hospitable. These are the qualities of all major tourist sites. By the way, these are also the qualities that you will find in the beautiful country of Bangladesh.

1.) Explore the tigers

The tigers, especially the Royal Bengal tigers, are beautiful creatures, with their proud and noble bearings and their beautiful coats. Examine these tigers gives us a sense of joy and danger at the same time. It’s horrible that they are in danger, but in Bangladesh, you can see these beautiful creatures by visiting Sundarbans National Park.

2.) Fun in the sun and the sand

If you are looking for beautiful blue beaches for sunbathing, swimming or just walking, you should head to Kuakata in Bangladesh. Kuakata is a newly developed seafront resort. It isRich culture, beautiful scenery and hospitable. These are the qualities of all major tourist sites. By the way, these are also the qualities that you will find in the beautiful country of Bangladesh.

3.) The longest and largest beach in the world

If an old beach does not cross it, then why not try to go to Anani Beach in southern Bangladesh. It is the tallest and largest beach in the world and located in Cox’s Bazar. However, Inani Beach is not developed like other beaches like Patenga, so if you want all the advantages of tourism then it is better to go to Patenga.

4.) Navigation via Bangladesh

If you are not mentally upright for a riverside walk and the lush bush of Bangladesh observation, you can try going to Sunderbands National Park. It is a park with many beautiful areas that can only be reached with a rowing boat. If you’re lucky, you’ll also see some pretty wildlife.

5.) Try fresh water

If you are tired of the salty waters of Bangladeshi beaches, then why not try to go to the Ranjamati Hill area where Kabati Lake is located? There you can immerse yourself in many activities such as swimming, sailing and fishing. Lake Kapati is an ideal destination for those who like quiet walks rather than lively and lively picnics.

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6.) Cleanse your soul with tea

People who do not like the strong taste of coffee generally prefer a sweeter and cleaner tea. So if you love tea, you definitely can’t miss going to Sylhet, north of Dhaka. Sylhet is famous for its tea cultivation traditions, and Serimongol, a place in Sylhet, is the center of tea gardens in Sylhet.

7.) Games!

If you want to satisfy your sports side and get away from nature, then why not go to the city stadium? There, you can enjoy hockey, soccer and cricket. You may have the opportunity to play with the locals on the stadiums if you wish.

8.) Go to see the birds

If you want to see a speciimen of exotic wildlife in Bangladesh, then why not head to Rajendrapur National Park, which is located 50 km north of the capital. Take your binoculars with you, maybe even your camera, and take some snapshots of the beautiful colored birds residing in the area.

9) Walk around the zoo

Unfortunately, the constant move to find different animals can be a bit daunting. There is always a chance that you will be disappointed at the end of the day because of the low turnout. If you don’t like taking risks, why not just go to Mirpur National Zoo near Torag River?

10) The city of mosques

If you are going to Bangladesh, you can never miss to go to Dhaka, the city of mosques. The impressive architecture and designs are to die for. Visit the Beit Al Makarim Mosque, the Star Mosque and the Chukpazar Mosque, and you will marvel at the wonderful designs. in the southern regioon of Bangladesh, but the sea is  of the best thing the country has to offer , because, in Kuakata, you can also observe the culture of the Rakhine tribe.

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